Miko Baghdasaryan, who lives in Romania and with whom NEWS.am STYLE got introduced during Eurovision Song Contest, again has made us happy with his success.  He was shot in the music video of famous Romanian singer Ilinca Bacila, who last year was representing Romania in Eurovision 2017. The music video, where you can see the Armenian choreographer, was shot on the song Nu Acum (Not now).

In her interview with NEWS.am STYLE the Romanian star spoke about her collaboration with Miko.

“The best thing about filming was that I had the opportunity to shoot with my best friend, Miko, who is with me in every situation. Since I met Miko and I got in touch with the Armenian community, I realized that the Armenians are people who love music and art, positive, happy and crazy people, and that’s why I feel very good and I find myself being with them”.

As for Miko, he mentions that is very happy for his collaboration with Ilinca.

“Since we met we have strong connection and I’m happy introducing her my culture and traditions. I was very happy and glad to be present in her new music video, I hope that you guys like it.”